MSN: Nurse Leadership Programs

This degree is designed for BSN-trained nurses who are interested in upper-level leadership roles. Nurses in this program will be trained to think and ask questions strategically, participate in policy decisions, and lead organizations through change and improvement. The program prepares students to move up into more respected and higher paying administrative positions and to obtain an in-depth understanding of patient care management.

Requirements for Earning an MSN: Nurse Leadership Degree

The key learning approaches for becoming a successful nurse leader are case studies, strategic planning and proposal development. Students take courses in a wide array of business functions in clinical practice management, including: human resources, marketing, finance and economics, along with anatomy and physiology, nursing science, and foundations of advanced nursing practice. Students also study research methods, current issues and trends, and overall leadership methods in the healthcare delivery system.

Average Salary and Career Data

Nurses of any type who take leadership positions can expect a bump in pay, and with the cushy median salary of RNs (around $68,000 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics), nurses with an MSN should easily earn enough to live. Graduates of these programs are prepared to be leaders and managers in diverse settings including: hospitals, long-term care facilities, community service agencies, governmental agencies, and facilities and corporations. An MSN degree in nurse leadership prepares students for a variety of upper level positions including: Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nurse Administrator, Nurse Director, Nurse Manager, Program Administrator, Head of Nursing, and Nursing Service Administrator.

Job Duties of a Nurse Leader

Job duties for nurse leaders include managing and organizing other nurses, providing leadership as a member of an administrative team in hospitals, clinics or other healthcare organizations, and influencing and implementing institutional policies. They are able to effectively use their organizational, analytic, strategic planning, financial, human resources, and evaluation skills to provide services in diverse nursing and healthcare settings in leadership and management roles.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

Grand Canyon University
MSN in Nurse Leadership
MSN/MBA in Leadership
Grand Canyon University — The MSN/MBA dual degree from Grand Canyon University will prepare people to become leaders and managers of nurses. A MSN in Nurse Education provides students the educational and background to teach people the skills necessary to become nurses. A MSN in Nurse Leadership provides the communication skills required to establish good relationships between nurses, patients, and management as well as other leadership skills. Click Here
South University
MSN in Adult Health Practitioner
MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner
MSN in Nurse Educator
South University — The MSN from South University is for registered nurses seeking to advance their career. The accelerated RN to MSN program is designed for professional seeking to enhance their professions. With this program you will go through an intense course of study that will get you ready for leadership positions in the healthcare industry. A MSN in Nurse Education will help you develop the skills needed to shape the future of healthcare through your input and expertise. Click Here
Walden University
RN to MSN in Education
RN to MSN in Informatics
RN to MSN in Leadership and Management
Walden University — The RN to MSN program at Walden University will help you advance your leadership skills and prepare you for management within the healthcare industry. The RN to MSN program will allow you to expand on your ability to positively contribute to society through the care you give to patients. Specialty MSN degrees are also available in informatics, education, and leadership. Click Here
Simmons College
RN to MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner
Simmons College — Simmons College is a highly-rated leader in online education with years of providing excellent service to its students and alumni. Simmons is dedicated to empowering its graduates to fill and succeed in high demand positions in the nursing industry through career-oriented material, hands-on assignments, and developing skills needed for primary and secondary responsibilities. Simmons has many an MSN degree in Family Nurse Practice available online. Click Here
Jacksonville University
Jacksonville University — An RN to MSN degree from Jacksonville University prepares candidates to work at a variety of settings, including nursing homes, hospitals, and residences. Students will learn the theory and research behind nursing. Your education at this school will give you a hands-on experience caring for patients and give you a realistic view of what it is like to stand in front of a class of future nurses and health care. Click Here

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