20 Android Apps Every Health Nut Needs

If healthy living is your passion, your Android can be a big help. There are lots of Android applications designed just for people like you who want all the latest health news, as well as tools for tracking your nutrition, exercise and medical issues. Check out these twenty android apps designed for health nuts.

  1. CardioTrainer + Racing: Combines the free CardioTrainer with a racing application that will challenge you to beat your own best time. You’ll get a virtual race simulator, including a voice telling you just how far ahead or behind you are.
  2. Fast Food Calorie Counter: Know exactly how many calories you’re consuming when you give into fast food. This app tracks and provides data for almost 9000 menu items from 72 fast food restaurants. Track calories, fat fiber, carbs and protein.
  3. Endomondo Sports Tracker: This application integrates with Google maps and is designed for runners, walkers and cyclists. You can track your time, distance, speed and altitude as well as keep track of your workouts.
  4. Calorie Counter by FatSecretThis calorie counter is simple to use. It can also figure out the recommended daily calorie intake you need based on your weight and fitness goals. It has a bar code scanner to make finding foods really easy.
  5. AllSport GPS: Track your route, distance, time, speed and calories burned with this app. You can get maps, virtual races and even reports on your progress.
  6. Beer Gut Fitness: Track the calories from your favorite beverage. It will tell you when you’re under your calorie limit for the day so that you can have a guilt free beer. It will also tell you when you’ve gone over your allowance and need to get some exercise!
  7. Absolute Fitness: This is a great all in one tool. It tracks your calories and food intake, your exercise and lets you know how you’re doing toward meeting your fitness goals.
  8. Backpacker GPS Trails: A great personal GPS navigation device for hikers. You can download maps, track your walks and find nearby trails.
  9. Pointslist: Perfect for those on Weight Watchers, this app tracks the points you’ve eaten for the day from a list of over 2000 items.
  10. Instant Heart Rate: Measures your heart rate using Android’s built in camera. You just put your finger over the camera for 10 seconds.
  11. BMI Calculator: Calculate your Body Mass Index quickly and easily. Great for dieters.
  12. Simple Weight Recorder: Keep track of your weight quickly and easily. Automatically calculates BMI, and the difference from your goal.
  13. Yoga Poses: Great app for the yoga enthusiast on the go. Get a complete yoga workout wherever you go with the most popular yoga poses.
  14. Nutrition Tips: Get tips on making your food work for you.
  15. Vitamins and Minerals: Help improve your nutrition by learning which vitamins and minerals do what, as well as learning which foods contain the ones you’re looking for.
  16. Best Diet Foods: Get lists of the foods you should be eating to maintain weight and stay healthy.
  17. Droid Fit: Auto record workout logs for bodybuilders. Contains workout plans with hundreds of workouts.
  18. Body Fat Calculator: Keep track of your percentage of body fat and your BMI quickly and easily.
  19. Cancer Preventing Food: Learn to eat in a way that allows you to reduce your risk of cancer.
  20. C25K: Use this application to help you follow the “Couch to 5k” plan. This app times your workout while you listen to your own music or podcasts. It plays an audio signal when you need to switch your pace.

You’re sure to be well on your way to meeting your health and fitness goals with these apps on your side. Many of the apps are free, so be sure to check them out. More and more apps for Android are developed every day; so be sure to stay in tune with all the applications that can help you stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.

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