40 Best Nursing Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Nurse blogs are popular, not just for their medical content, but for the humor, insights and advocacy that male and female nurses display in their joy and in their frustrations with their jobs. This list of the 40 best nursing blogs you aren’t reading yet were created during and after January 2009. The blogs are categorized by year, and each blog is listed by the creation month. We may have missed some great up and coming nursing blogs in this process, so feel free to share your popular picks with us.


  1. Florence NightingaleNursing School the Accelerated Route: Follow the blog of a student enrolled in an accelerated BSN program (January).
  2. The Student Nurse: Read about the adventures of a student nurse who is embarking on a second career (January).
  3. Travelista, RN: This blogger is pursuing both an ASN/RN and MS in Management (January).
  4. Just Call Me Nurse…Eventually: A wife and mother decides to return to nursing school (February).
  5. Nurse’s Watch: Registered nurse with a background in pediatrics, labor and delivery, recovery, postpartum and newborn nursing (February).
  6. Nursebound: A former journalist goes back to school for nursing, where “It’ll only hurt for 16 months” (February).
  7. Mom, Wife, Student, Nurse, Ahhh! This full time executive assistant is starting an evening CNA course and plans to become a nurse (March).
  8. Nursing & EDS! A 24-year-old with EDS has one more year of nursing school to go. This blog is dedicated to recording the bumps, bruises, and dislocations along the way (March).
  9. NurseThe Nerdy Nurse: A wife and mother and self-proclaimed “nerdy nurse” writes about her experiences (March).
  10. NurseXY: This nurse is starting a new grad critical care internship on the CVICU in a 1000 bed, Level I hospital in one of the largest metro areas in the country (April).
  11. R (etired) N: This retired RN still focuses on health, especially for women (April).
  12. Madness: tales of an emergency room nurse: This blog is about the adventures of a veteran nurse in an inner city ER (June).
  13. Frazzled_razzleRN: A wife and mother talks about her return to nursing school (September).
  14. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse: A school nurse rigid in the frontlines of the war against lice, patching up playground boo-boos, begging parents to bring their child’s emergency medication to school, and helping the snacks in the teacher’s lounge mysteriously disappear (September).
  15. The Doctor Stole My Stethoscope: Raquel is not Florence Nightingale from her own admission…but she is a nurse and mom who tries to do an above average job at both (September).
  16. Sam the RN: Sam is an RN in a hospital located somewhere in the U.S. (October).
  17. NursingThe Nursing Ethics Blog: Dr. Nancy Walton is an Associate Professor of Nursing in Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University and Dr. Chris MacDonald is a philosopher by training who has written widely in the area of applied and professional ethics, including nursing ethics (October).


  1. New Nurse, In the Hood: Baby nurse in an emergency department surrounded by nursing homes (February).
  2. Nurse & Lawyer: Elizabeth is an RN in a cardiac ICU. Amy is a law student. They are twins. They share interests in bioethics, regulation, progress, fairness, bicycles, and red wine (February).
  3. Off the Charts: Blog by the American Journal of Nursing. Categories range from advocacy to writing and nursing (February).
  4. The Man-Nurse Diaries: A blog by a 30-year-old male nurse who works in trauma ICU (February).
  5. Debbie Without Borders: A wife, mother, nurse and Christian, this woman blogs her nursing experiences and how they fit in her daily life (March).
  6. Suzanne Gordon: Suzanne Gordon is an award-winning journalist and author/editor of 12 books. She focuses on patient advocacy in this blog (March).
  7. STAT: This nurse is a “Trekkie and a dork” by her own profession, and works in the emergency room (April).
  8. Taking the Scenic Drive: A pediatric ICU nurse in the Midwest is studying for the MCAT to apply to medical school (April).
  9. ChildbirthCenter to Champion Nursing in America: CCNA, the joint initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, offers features designed to be interesting and useful to nurses and other stakeholders.(May).
  10. Diaper Changes are NOT my Job: A recent graduate nurse with a need for an outlet to “vent about the most ridiculous and absurd” blogs about a first job in pediatrics (May).
  11. Abilene Rob: According to this male nurse, Dr. Ruth comes to him for advice. Enjoy humor and pathos in this nurse’s blog (June).
  12. Mamatrauma: An ER nurse working in a county hospital relays her stories about her new job (June).
  13. NP Odyssey: This is an RN’s journey to become a Nurse Practitioner and “creating new forms of stress” (July).
  14. The Dog Ate My Care Plan… This blogger is chronicling a journey through nursing school — a “pilgrimage through endless studying, sleep deprivation, and the utter and total lack of a social life” (July).
  15. Who’s Life Is This, Anyways? This blogger writes about a balancing act between pre-nursing school, a husband and children, and the future (July).
  16. Drawing on Experience: Will draws this comic-blog depicting his daily life when he began nursing school. Many comics are about nursing, some are about his pug, Goober (August).
  17. Infusion Nurse Blog: A certified registered nurse in infusion (CRNI) and who holds an MBA writes this blog (August).
  18. Geriatrics

  19. RN-tertainment: A blogger writes a “positive reflection” about the first year as an emergency department RN (August).
  20. Student Nurse Laura: Laura is venturing into student nurse territory after working as a technical editor for a large publishing company (August).
  21. Life In The ER a Nurse’s Perspective: ER Nurse Blog: This nurse works at the busiest ER in the state and lives “in the middle of nowhere” (September).
  22. Nurse Me: A trauma/critical care nurse who works at a Level I trauma center writes about her experiences (September).
  23. Those Emergency Blues: An emergency department nurse is cynical and skeptical about the health and hospital system (September).
  24. Nurse J: A male nurse who works in critical care writes blog entries about his nursing experiences (November).
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