Put Your Degree to Work: 20 Healthcare Careers with a Masters of Nursing

If you’re thinking about obtaining a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) degree, perhaps a few high-paying careers might pique your interest in this upwardly-mobile educational move. Nurses with an MSN degree have more doors open to them, especially with a physician shortage. The nurse who holds a master’s degree can go beyond caring for people — that nurse also can diagnose issues, treat patients, educate other nurses and communities, share preventive care, and manage staffs and offices. The ability to take on more responsibility also means a higher salary. The following career paths contain links to more information about that job title, as well as educational necessities and some pay options. Continue reading

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40 Best Nursing Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

Nurse blogs are popular, not just for their medical content, but for the humor, insights and advocacy that male and female nurses display in their joy and in their frustrations with their jobs. This list of the 40 best nursing blogs you aren’t reading yet were created during and after January 2009. The blogs are categorized by year, and each blog is listed by the creation month. We may have missed some great up and coming nursing blogs in this process, so feel free to share your popular picks with us. Continue reading

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20 Android Apps Every Health Nut Needs

If healthy living is your passion, your Android can be a big help. There are lots of Android applications designed just for people like you who want all the latest health news, as well as tools for tracking your nutrition, exercise and medical issues. Check out these twenty android apps designed for health nuts.

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Top 10 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter

As students approach graduation, the biggest concern is usually finding a job. But taking that next step can be difficult and confusing. Where do you look? How do you apply? Students may find they have more questions than answers when it comes to looking for their first job or seeking advancement in their career. With the help of social media, it is easier than ever to get helpful career advice with just a few clicks of your mouse. Twitter can be an excellent resource for finding tips and advice from career experts; this list offers just 10 of these great resources. They are passionate and dedicated to helping people find jobs and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the professional world.

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Masters of Nursing

The Masters of Nursing program aims at developing the core skills in the nursing discipline for the professional who has already spent some time in the medical field. The program is offered by a number of eminent faculties and features business studies as well as units in the principles of administration. The Masters of Nursing program can be obtained after getting your registered nurse certification or after a four-year BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). This means that one can gain the accreditation as soon as they produce proof that they have engaged in practical work after their preliminary studies. The degree is offered in different fields of specialization including public health, health services administration, as well as there being a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Science option to be pursued according to the individual’s preferences. With the amount of choices open to the student, they should find out which organizations deal in the field in which they are interested and take up that course of study.

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