MSN & MHA Dual Major Programs

Getting a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Health Administration simultaneously will take less time than earning both individually, and will leave the student with more options for horizontal career movement. Nurses with a background in providing treatment who want to move into administrative roles should consider this a good compromise.

Requirements for Earning an MSN & MHA Dual Degree

A dual MSN/MHA degree is great for nurses who are interested in management positions and business administration. In addition to learning the skills needed for high level nursing careers, students also take classes such as financial management, ethics, law, international policy, public relations, administrative leadership, informatics and computer technology, human resources, and strategic planning. This qualifies students for jobs that require a nursing background, but also prepares graduates to make business decisions for their company or department. This dual degree can be completed within several years.

Average Salary and Career Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical and health services managers earn a median annual wage of $80,240. Nurses with administrative capabilities and master’s degrees are highly sought to manage the ballooning nursing workforce, so negotiating for a higher salary is definitely a possibility.

Job Duties of an MSN & MHA Major

In addition, an MSN/MHA dual degree can prepare students for opening a business. In many states, nurses with master’s degrees are legally able to open their own practices, independent of a physician. By getting a MHA as well as an MSN, students prepare to deal with the challenges of running their own practice. Students can also go into consulting with this dual degree, or pursue their doctorate degree in either nursing or health administration.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

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