MSN: Case Management Programs

The MSN case management degree prepares students to become professional nurse case managers who are responsible for the advocacy of improving clinical outcomes. This specialization builds upon the standards of the Case Management Society of America combining core curriculum with an emphasis on distance client management using technology. It teaches nurses to deliver personalized services to patients to improve their overall care.

Requirements for Earning an MSN: Case Management Degree

MSN case management degrees require students to complete at least 30 credit hours of course work. In addition, clinical practicums provide students with an opportunity to explore, test, and expand nursing case management theory in organizational, home, and community settings. Students are expected to focus on clients with a particular emphasis on client advocacy. Courses include: Transitions in Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults, Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues, and Reproductive Healthcare.

Average Salary and Career Data

Reliable salary data for case managers in nursing contexts is not published by the U.S. Government. Case management jobs are available in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient and rehabilitation centers, and in home healthcare. There are also opportunities for advancement to director positions.

Job Duties of a Case Manager

In most healthcare organizations, the case manager is in charge of directing all of the activities within a department. Specific job duties include: developing and maintaining quality improvement programs, managing payroll, collaborating with physicians and medical staff to ensure that service expectations are being met, directing the workflow of other case managers, and developing departmental policies and procedures. A director of case management performs other administrative duties including preparing staffing plans, providing training on government regulations, and developing and implementing programs to optimize patient care.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

Grand Canyon University
MSN in Nurse Leadership
MSN/MBA in Leadership
Grand Canyon University — The MSN/MBA dual degree from Grand Canyon University will prepare people to become leaders and managers of nurses. A MSN in Nurse Education provides students the educational and background to teach people the skills necessary to become nurses. A MSN in Nurse Leadership provides the communication skills required to establish good relationships between nurses, patients, and management as well as other leadership skills. Click Here
Indiana Wesleyan University
MSN in Administration
MSN in Education
Indiana Wesleyan University — The MSN Nurse Administration degree from Norwich University educates visionary nurse leaders for administrative positions. You will learn to communicate and identify problems and seek resolutions that are good for all parties involved. A MSN in Nurse Education will help you develop your skills to effectively facilitate a learning environment at any place you work. Click Here
University of Saint Mary
MSN in Nurse Admin
MSN in Nurse Educator
University of Saint Mary — A MSN from University of Saint Mary will provide you with the education necessary to become a future leader within your healthcare organization. You will learn about a variety of subject ranging from administration, leadership, and health policy. Healthcare today is taking an important role in the lives of all people that professionals serve. Patients expect highly trained nurses to ensure their health is the best that it can be, and this program teaches the skills to become the best nurses in the profession. Click Here
Purdue University
MSN in Nurse Practitioner
Purdue University — The MSN from Purdue University will prepare you for leadership positions that offer higher income potential in healthcare. A MSN in Nurse Administration focuses on the principles of personnel management, policy development and implementation, budgeting, and the use of information technology. A MSN in Nurse Education helps develop students for roles as faculty or educators in colleges, schools, continuing education programs, and other positions that require nurse education. Click Here
Sacred Heart University
MSN in Clinical Nursing
MSN in Nursing Education
Sacred Heart University — The MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership from Sacred Heart University is a specialization that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill patient outcomes, assess risk, and coordinate with others to ensure the highest quality patient care. A MSN in patient care services is designed to teach how to provide the most efficient and effective patient care. The MSN in Nurse Education is designed to complement your clinical skills in teaching future nurses with the best practices of nursing. Click Here

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