MSN: Infection Prevention & Control Programs

An MSN in infection prevention and control explores deadly strains of viruses and bacteria that prey on patients in healthcare settings. This advanced course of study teaches students how prevent viruses and bacteria from infecting healthcare settings.

Requirements for Earning an MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

MSN programs in infection prevention and control feature curriculums that teach the creation and monitoring of programs and critical infection control indicators in healthcare delivery systems. Students study epidemiology, data management and data mining in regards to their use in improving patient care in the hospital. Programs also review the development of infection prevention and control policies to ensure patient safety. Degree programs usually comprise 36 credit hours. Students in these programs participate in practical laboratory sessions, focus on clinical practice, and do case studies of successful and unsuccessful infection prevention and management scenarios. Course modules include microbiology and immunology, principles of infection prevention and control, and communicable diseases and public health.

Average Salary and Career Data

With a specialty in infection prevention, you can earn well over that amount. Nursing continues to be an in-demand profession based on a number of factors. The aging baby boomer generation will require a large amount of care over the next 20 years, and nurses will continue to be on the front line of health care.

Job Duties of an Infection Prevention & Control Nurse

Infection prevention involves general awareness and implementation of sanitary practices in medical facilities, as well as more specific treatment and prevention on the individual level and with patients. Infections can occur at a systemic level or can be highly localized, and knowing the most prudent response is the responsibility of nurses in this specialty.

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