MSN: Nurse Education Programs

An MSN in nurse education prepares nurses to teach nursing and healthcare classes, and prepares them to pursue future doctoral study. Programs are often broad in scope, incorporating coursework from the humanities, social sciences, science and math, as well as nursing theories and practice.

Requirements for Earning an MSN: Nurse Education

To apply for an MSN in nurse education, a student must have completed and passed a statistics course and an undergraduate nursing research course. Many programs also require a resume, letters of recommendation, and proof of having a nursing license. Once admitted, the requirements for completion of the degree are usually 36 semester hours, a thesis, directed research, or a capstone project. If attending school full-time, the MSN usually takes two years or less to complete, though many students choose to attend part-time in order to work while learning.

Average Salary & Career Data for Nurse Educators

The job prospects for nurse educators is one of the fields expected to grow fastest in the healthcare industry. While all healthcare professions have a very bright future in terms of hiring rates and salary, nurse education is expected to grow even faster since many current teachers are nearing retirement age. Median annual wages for health educators were around $44,000 as of May 2008, which is slightly higher than the median income across industries, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Duties for Nurse Educators

Nurse educators can work as professors at universities, or instructors at any other educational institution that provides nursing courses. Nurse educators are in demand now because there are many job openings in the nursing industry, and teachers are needed to train new nurses to fill that void. Some choose to specialize in one part of the nursing profession, such as nurse midwifery or elderly care, and teach that subject at a higher level. Some students may choose to pursue a PhD in nurse education and do research in the field of nurse education itself.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

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