MSN: Nurse Management Programs

An MSN in Nurse Management degree is designed for experienced nurses seeking the skills and credentials to become leaders in nursing and healthcare. Students advance their leadership and management abilities through a blend of case studies and practical coursework. Most programs emphasize human resources education, strategic planning and management, long-range planning with budgeting and analysis, along with reporting and developing a budget.

Requirements for Earning an MSN: Nurse Management

To obtain an MSN in nurse management, a student must first be a practicing licensed RN. Most programs also require a resume and letters of recommendation at minimum. If taken full time, coursework may take two years or less to complete, though distance learners may choose to enroll part-time to allow them to work and advance their degree at the same time.

Average Salary & Career Data for Nurse Managers

The average salary for a nurse manager depends on location, type of office, and the amount of experience and other qualifications the nurse has. In small offices, a nurse manager may be responsible for both helping the physician and managing the other employees in the office, and should be paid accordingly. The average wage for nurses in the offices of physicians is $72,890, with the highest ten percent earning over $92,000, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many employers offer flexible work schedules, child care, and bonuses to attract and keep top managers.

Job Duties for Nurse Managers

Nurse managers will be in increasing demand as the amount of demand for registered nurses rises. With over a million jobs, and rising, for RNs, those with management capabilities will rise to the top. Nurse managers are usually in charge of human resources – hiring, training, and firing – within physicians’ offices, hospitals and other healthcare settings, which means they need a solid foundation in the legalities of both employment and healthcare. They are also in charge of managing budgets for offices, ordering supplies, and are ultimately responsible for the security and maintenance of records. Nurse managers are an integral part of physician’s team and are highly-valued members of the staff.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

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