Graduate Certificates in Nursing

A graduate certificate in nursing is an opportunity for nurses to get a taste of graduate school without fully committing to a master’s or doctoral degree. Earning a graduate certificate will make it easier to get into graduate programs, should the student choose to do so, and also acts as a credential in its own right, which will be recognized by potential employers.

Requirements for Earning a Graduate Certificate in Nursing

The nursing certification requirements can vary, but completion of a nursing program can usually be done at a community or technical college in about three semesters or couple of years depending upon the specific school. Pre-requisites often include math, English, and other basic courses. Courses in biology, anatomy and physiology are required. Core coursework includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. Many nursing students and nursing schools use medical and healthcare educational software as a study or training aid.

Average Salary and Career Data

A nurse with a graduate certificate can probably earn more working as an RN than they could without it, and it puts them in a good position to return to school at the time of their choosing. Career options for nurses at this level of education may increase slightly over RNs without the certificate, but the real advantage is the leg up that the graduate certificate gives a student when they return to get a master’s or doctorate degree. Salaries for nurses with graduate certificates may vary widely, but the middle range of nursing salaries is between $50,000-$70,000 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Duties of a Certified Nurse

RNs with and without graduate certificates perform a wide array of duties in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Their responsibilities are determined by the nature of the facility they work in and their particular choices about which kinds of patients to try to work with most.

Online Master’s in Nursing Degree Programs

Earning a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree can open a world of career possibilities within the nursing profession. Listed below are featured online universities that confer MSN degrees.

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