Top 10 Career Experts to Follow on Twitter

As students approach graduation, the biggest concern is usually finding a job. But taking that next step can be difficult and confusing. Where do you look? How do you apply? Students may find they have more questions than answers when it comes to looking for their first job or seeking advancement in their career. With the help of social media, it is easier than ever to get helpful career advice with just a few clicks of your mouse. Twitter can be an excellent resource for finding tips and advice from career experts; this list offers just 10 of these great resources. They are passionate and dedicated to helping people find jobs and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the professional world.

  1. Greig Wells
    Based in Tampa, Florida, Greig is a social media expert who helps people get hired. He is a recruiter and offers job seeking training in order to help people find work. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    CAREERALISM is a career and job search blog that provides tips for finding a building a better career, because they believe that every job is temporary.
  3. Career Advice HQ
    Career Advice HQ offers advice in job search, resume writing, interviewing, and salary information. They are based in New York and are a great online resource for career advice.
  4. Lee Odden
    He is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing Company and is an industry leader in strategic internet marketing consulting, training, and implementation services. He provides a mix up of online expertise, including search engine and social media marketing, blogging, and online public relations. He is one of the 25 online marketing experts as featured in the book “Online Marketing Heroes”.
  5. Diana Lewis
    Located in Indiana, she is a bio entrepreneur, investor, sales, marketing, social media, career advice, and a resume service provider. Her website is Resume Bear looks into the various needs of the job seekers, employers, students, and colleges, and provide some of the best 21st century technological solutions to the traditional job searches that are into the process.
  6. Andy Robinson
    He is a coaching expert who personally, or over the phone, tells others about achieving success in their career. Until now, he has taught a great number of business leaders, practice leaders, team leaders, and business owners.
  7. Alexandra Levit
    Based in Chicago, IL, she is a business workplace author and speaker with four published books and a WSJ column. She has written several books, including popular business world survival guide “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College”, “How’d You Score That Gig”, and “Success for Hire”. Her career advice is regularly featured in the nationally syndicated Wall Street Journal and monthly in the Huffington Post.
  8. Alison Doyle
    Alison is a job search and career expert and author. Her counseling, Wise Words on one contain job listings, job searches, social media, resume, letter, and interview advice.
  9. Alison Green
    Based in Washington DC, she is an owner of a medium-sized successful business organization that provides consultancy on issues related to business management. She provides counseling on important issues like appraisal, threat of being fired, and chance for second interview.
  10. Total Training
    This is a tutorial website for software training for Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and more for the professionals as executed by professionals.
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